Safety and Security

The United States Department of Labor estimates some 2 million incidents of workplace violence occur every year in America. Some professions or workplace environments are statistically more prone to such acts but clearly no one and no place is immune. Click here to learn more about our Preparation Not Paranoia programs

In-Person Workshops

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Force Options through the People~Connect Institute provides workplace violence prevention training and consulting services to public, private and faith-based organizations.

Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our training sessions are delivered in a face to face format at your facility or your selected venue. We conduct these workshops in group settings 1 with up to 40 participants per session. Our “Preparation Not Paranoia” program is a two-part series with the first focusing on the individual members sense of situational awareness and improving their ability to respond to a variety of credible situations. The second session in this series examines the impact of workplace violence, behaviors, responses and threat assessments.

The consulting service also requires on site interaction. These services include but are not limited to conducting a detailed threat assessment or assessing an existing process and its procedures, examining existing security measures and reviewing current training efforts. In conclusion, following our examination, we will provide documentation articulating our assessment, our findings and our recommendations for consideration. Our intent is to leave your organization, your people, better prepared to deter acts of workplace violence but we must also prepare them to deal with such acts if or when they occur. It is our opinion that the most effective responses to such acts are those that have been supported by leadership, staff inclusion, foresight, sound planning and effective relevant training. No one can promise immunity from such acts in the workplace but a sound confident response that includes those measures noted above may be the difference that spares your organization and your people that experience.

“Safety isn’t expensive, Its priceless”
– (Unknown)