Front Line Customer Service

Front-line customer service employees work to create a welcoming environment in the library. They are service professionals who work directly with customers to create positive experiences and to build long-lasting relationships. They are an essential part of the library experience, usually being the first point of contact with the customer through greeting them, handle their issues and answering their questions.

Front-line employees also experience the stressors of serving people with difficult behaviors that can affect their confidence, self-esteem and their ability to create a welcoming experience for all. We often forget to support our people on the front-lines, even though they are the heart and soul of the organization.

A library without a confident, knowledgeable and well-supported staff is only a well-intentioned building.

In this six-module interactive and skill sharpening Front Line Customer Service online course, library employees will learn, explore, engage and grow personally and professionally through videos, exercises, knowledge checks and more in current and relevant topics including:

  • Growing Your Confidence in Serving Customers
  • Creating a Positive Customer Experience for Everyone
  • Handling Difficult Customer Behaviors with Less Stress and More Satisfaction
  • Creating Workplace Safety and Environmental Awareness
  • Recognizing Positive Customer Behaviors and Stopping the Customer Bashing!

Throughout this course you will have the opportunity to discover and apply proven techniques to create relationship building experiences, even for your most difficult customer. Each module is designed to grow your confidence and skills in only one to two hours per week and includes time for you to reflect on your learning.

Course Instructor: Andrew Sanderbeck

Andrew Sanderbeck is a recognized expert presenter and consultant for libraries and library organizations on management and leadership, customer service, mindfulness and self-care. He has presented at ALA, PLA and at many state and regional library conferences, as well as international conferences in the United Arab Emirates and more than a dozen European Countries.

He is the author of the new book The Little Book of Professional Customer Service – COVID Edition and the past board president of the Haywood County Public Libraries in Western North Carolina.

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