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The team at the People~Connect Institute offer a fresh and objective perspective on your business. Our recommendations are practical and we offer targeted solutions that bring about measurable results. If you want to grow your business, we’re here to help with experts in the business of:

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how to keep the magic in our presentations

Dear Andrew, I was one of the lucky people who was able to attend your spectacular presentation at ALA. As a long time library educator and recently retired UCLA Librarian, I attend conference both to stay current on new ideas/trends in the profession. It was very reassuring to hear you speak about the passion of teaching and how to keep the magic in our presentations and teaching interactions. Your talk was an inspiration to me and reminded me why I love to teach. Thank you so much for bringing your wonder brand of energy and enthusiasm to the ALA Conference in Anaheim.

– Joan Kaplowitz, American Library Association

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This event had a significant impact on me

Andrew, I wanted to Thank you for being an excellent speaker and for your message! I will be pondering much of what I saw and heard over the last two days. This is a letter that I sent to my Manager and Director: “Thank you! I wanted to take the time and let you know about my experience at the Management and Leadership skills for supervisors and managers training you approved for me. This event had a significant impact on me and I want to make sure to use that to benefit Samford. Let me explain it this way: The seminar helped me to see more clearly the BIG picture of what is a good supervisor. I compare this to seeing the outside of the puzzle box showing what the pieces should look like when they are properly put together. I have had several pieces over the years that I have used but have now found some tools to help me put the pieces together more “effectively.” Two tools that I am starting to implement today: 1. Platinum Rule – Do unto others, as they would like to have done unto them. Associated with this is a definition for communication: People hear what they think I said to them not necessarily, what I think I said to them. In using this tool, I hope to be a more effective communicator. 2. 9 steps to successful delegation – I hope to be more effective at delegation and use this as a tool to help mentor and develop  the team members I supervise.”

– Bradford S. Campbell MCP, MCDST, A+
Samford University

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I learned so much in just two days

Andrew is a phenomenal presenter! His speaking skills were incredible! I learned so much in just two days that will be beneficial to my career as an educator.

Dina Solimando, Teacher, New Beginnings

The formula E+R=O has really been an excellent tool

Dear Mr. Sanderbeck: The formula E+R=O has really been an excellent tool. Because the events will happen, now it is up to you to react. You can react with those same familiar horses are you can think outside the box. Because whatever your reaction is, it will determine the outcome. I also like the idea that if you present someone with a problem also present some solutions to that problem. The words or phrases to get out of your vocabulary was extremely helpful… because it goes back to the Nike phrase, Just do it!

– Darnita Marshall, Library Assistant II, Avondale Regional Library

This seminar was enlightening and empowering!

This seminar was enlightening and empowering! I learned so much and there are a lot of things that I can’t wait to take back to my organization to begin to implement. Very few people can impact someone’s life and over the past two days, Andrew has opened my mind to things that I would have never thought were attainable. Thank you!

– Andrea Scudder, Administrative Nursing Supervisor, The Dermatology Group

This seminar was enlightening and empowering!

Andrew’s commitment to our training is genuine and it shows through his interactions with the
students participating in the seminar. He really made this an enjoyable experience.

– Leroy Hopkins, Team Leader, Smiths Detection

This seminar was enlightening and empowering!

I am thoroughly excited about returning to work and beginning to apply these new techniques to my Physical therapy department. I especially enjoyed the many applications that this course had not only to my job, but my family, outlook on life and managing my personal life. I look forward to sharing this information with my colleagues will recommend this course to others! Thank you!

– Stephanie Dixon, Physical Therapist, New Beginnings

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