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What is a business without valued employees and satisfied customers? Likely it is an organization that is failing to meet its goals and mission.

Our courses are designed to help your business succeed with its most valuable assets: The people that make your business successful.

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A library without a confident, knowledgeable and well-supported staff is only a well-intentioned building.

In this six-module interactive and skill sharpening Front Line Customer Service online course, library employees will learn, explore, engage and grow personally and professionally through videos, exercises, knowledge checks

“My entire team was more confident and therefore more helpful with customers”


Diana Silveira, Customer

Customer Service

Build relationships with and improve your customer experiences. Click to learn more about our Dealing with Difficult Customer Behaviors programs.

Safety & Security

Some professions or workplace environments are statistically more prone to such acts but clearly no one and no place is immune. Click to learn more about our Preparation Not Paranoia programs