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CONFLICT in a Peaceful Workplace

One Day Workshop Overview

What do you do when a customer or employee gets in your face or in your space? How do you react…or do run and hide from it?

Difficult situations happen! Many of us try to avoid it, some fight with it, some seem to enjoy it and others seem to handle it with tact and skill. Why?

The Conflict in a Peaceful Workplace Workshop explores our dealings with other people by defining the source of the conflict and difficulty, (hint: it’s not usually the person, it’s their behavior) analyzing it and then using a step by step approach to resolve it once and for all.

What is the secret to handling situations with difficult people while maintaining your composure and professionalism? How can we de-emotionalize ourselves to the situations so that we don’t get caught up in them? Relieving the stresses of these conflicts may be easier than you have ever believed!

If you don’t like to be yelled at by other people, you’ll really enjoy this fun and interactive program.

Participants will learn and begin to master:

When two people always agree, one of them may not be necessary!

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