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Working and Winning With The Media!

With years of experience in both radio and the print media, Andrew Sanderbeck leads the Working and Winning With The Media workshop by showing you the most effective ways of working for library to partner and work with the local media!

The media is calling. They want a “sound bite” from you about a current event…how will you handle that call? A reporter stops by your office to do an article about cutbacks in services and hours at the library…how will you handle this situation? A reporter calls you with a question: What’s the Golden Rule of calling a reporter back?

You’re calling the media. You want to get them involved in an event the library is hosting…who would you contact first? What would you say to them? You want to put a positive spin on a proposed tax increase for library services…how do you get the reporter to write the article in a way that is supportive of the library?

First step: Whether your library is in a big city or in rural America, creating and nurturing relationships with employees of the media is an essential in getting them to work with you…instead of against you!

As a result of this workshop participants will learn and begin to master:

“Let’s be perfectly clear…the media is not your friend.”
- Andrew Sanderbeck

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