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NEW!! Four Star Customer Service

What makes your customer a truly happy customer? We believe that it is a combination of four components that will determine whether your external customers will continue to use your business and whether your internal customers (your employees) will continue to be happy working for you.

What are they? The experience the customers have when they are with us; the ways that we meet their emotional needs; the ways that we recover when we fail our customers and if we are delivering a truly authentic customer service experience…or just faking it.

This workshop looks at the components of four star customer service and the steps that need to be taken to deliver it consistently, day after day in your business.

The questions that Walt Disney posed many years ago are the questions that most if not all libraries must ask themselves today: "What experiences are our customers receiving when they do business with us?” "What experiences do we want our customers to be having when they do business with us?”

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