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Maximizing the Impact of Your Recognition Programs

Can effective Recognition Programs in your business really make a difference in the motivational level of your employees? YES! And even more than you might think!

Recognition programs have been proven to be effective at helping organizations to increase employee retention and focus employees on the business mission and vision and to help organizations to reach their goals more effectively and efficiently! Employees report that recognition programs increase their level of motivation and production.

And many times, this can be done with little or no money from your organization’s budget!

The Maximizing the Impact of Recognition Programs in Your Business workshop explores the 6 step process to creating recognition and rewards programs that will get results, as well as the motivators and de-motivators our employees work with and how to create an internal and external environment for them to be more productive, proficient and motivated.

Participants will learn:

“Behavior that is rewarded is behavior that is repeated.”
- Anonymous

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