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PCI Webinars Offer Affordable Training Options for Your Organization

September 14th, 2010---The People~Connect Institute is proud to announce the launch of their Webinar company, PCI Webinars. PCI offers more than 50 Webinar presentations each year for organizations looking to train and develop their staff in an interactive and affordable training environment.

PCI has recruited some of the top Webinar presenters in the United States to teach on various topics including Management and Leadership, Organizational Development, Change Management, Customer Service, Team and Department Building and Communication Skills.

PCI founder Andrew Sanderbeck said "Blended Training options including Webinars are a welcome reality for all organizations, big and small. As training costs continue to rise, organizations are looking for training that offers a better return on their investment. That's what we offer our clients."

Organizations may purchase single Webinars or the very popular PCI Webinar packages. Certificate Programs where attendees complete a curriculum of required learning are also available.

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